Home Brew Boutique

The Home Brew Boutique is a place where you can buy and sell non ham-related homemade goods.

Bring your marvelous handmade items and earn some money for you to spend at the rest of the Hamfest.  There are no selling fees and no charge to you.  There will be tables, price tags, and safety pins ready to mark your works. Each artist will be assigned a number and their earnings tracked. 

The Boutique will operate from noon to 5:00 on Friday and 9:00-4:30 on Saturday.  Bring your things to the dealers room before noon on Friday or whenever you arrive. 

If you know you are coming, contact  Sue Cogger (K7SUZ) at either 801-829-3614 or onecoblyn@aol.com.  Below is a sample of things you may find.

NOTE:   The Boutique is for handmade items only.  Sellers of commercial products, e.g., Avon, Tupperware, or commercially made jewelry, can be accommodated in the vendors side of the room.

Rocky Mountain Division Hamfest